Watermill Lane to close temporarily to join North Bexhill Access Road

Posted on July 4, 2018

As part of the construction process for the North Bexhill Access Road (NBAR), Sea Change Sussex’s building contractor will close Watermill Lane temporarily near its southern end in order to connect it into the new road.

Sea Change has postponed this closure to the end of the NBAR build programme in order to minimise the period of inconvenience.

The company is developing the NBAR to upgrade the local road network and open up further development land to expand the Bexhill Enterprise Park and create long-term jobs.

The Secretary of State gave consent in January 2017 for the closure of Watermill Lane and its replacement at its southern end with a new road network, which gained planning consent in February 2016.

When the NBAR opens, Watermill Lane will connect to it from the north only, leading eastwards to the Combe Valley Way and westwards to the Ninfield Road (A269), while the NBAR will connect Combe Valley Way directly through to the Ninfield Road.

In the meantime, Sea Change’s construction contractor needs to close Watermill Lane from 9 July in the places shown in the drawing.

To arrange this closure, Sea Change has obtained a ‘Temporary Traffic Regulation Order’ from the East Sussex highways authority. This included gaining approval for a diversion route (also shown), which is to travel between Sidley and the towns and villages to the north via the A269 through Ninfield and the B2204 through Catsfield.

Sea Change’s contractor has sent a letter to all residents of Watermill Lane and parents at Catsfield School, and put up signs on Watermill Lane, giving two weeks’ notice of the temporary closure.

Throughout the NBAR construction process, Sea Change has ensured minimal disruption to the public by carrying out the works largely off-road, with Watermill Lane the only necessary exception.

A Sea Change spokesperson comments:

“We’re sorry the temporary closure of Watermill Lane means some people will have a longer journey while works are carried out, but it’s the only way we can complete the North Bexhill Access Road and connect it to Watermill Lane. We’ve made great efforts to leave this element of the works to the end of the two-and-a-half-year construction project to minimise any inconvenience.”